"Loki," Darcy knocked on the prison’s sidewall, calling for his attention," How are you?" She dared to ask, knowing fully well all he felt was sorrow.

"How do you think I fare?" his voiced impassively. His mother has died earlier today, how else would he feel.

Silence fell between them. 

"I’m so-"

"How was the service," he interrupted her unnecessary apology. It wasn’t her fault, he was at fault his mother was dead.

"It was beautiful," her voiced cracked remember seeing Frigga ascend to Valhalla, "As was she. But Loki, please do keep in mind that she knew you loved her, and never doubted it."

He turned away not wanting to hear anything from Darcy.

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Bitch, dont you “previously on…” me. I have been watching this show for 5 hours. I know what happened.

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I found a copy of the Twilight AU that became 50 Shades of Grey.




  • It’s called Master of the Universe.
  • It was originally published on (aka where fanfiction goes to die).
  • E.L. James’ pen name was Snowqueens Icedragon because of course it was.
  • Snowqueens Icedragon does not use quotation marks. 
  • She does, however, make up expressions like "my very small inner goddess sways in a gentle victorious samba" and “I can almost hear his sphinx-like smile through the phone.”
  • They spend more time filling out sex-related paperwork than they do actually having sex.
  • This is my reaction to all of the sex scenes:
  • image
  • Because the human body doesn’t work like that
  • This is my reaction to everything else:
  • image
  • Because the english language doesn’t work like that.

The 50 Shades of Grey trailer just dropped, so here’s a link to the original Twilight fanfiction that the book is “based” off of, because if you’re gonna read the book before you see the movie you might as well read it in its original format. 

Oh my god it has those banner photoshop graphics we all spent at least a week thinking were really cool and a sign of a quality fic

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The to Do List Clip
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Making of: The Avengers (part 3)
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Another deposit? Must be Friday.

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